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Mav's Book

Mav's Approach to Gardening provides tips and illustrations for enhancing your garden. It contains photos of the different garden rooms and focal points in my garden.  It includes recipes and DIY craft ideas that use the edible and herbal plants growing in my garden and  

highlights some of the health benefits of gardening.

Here is the link to purchase my book, Mav's Approach to Gardening on Amazon Kindle Books:

What makes my humble garden different? I believe it is my maverick approach to garden design.  I blend together the English Cottage Garden and the Asian Garden design styles. My informal cottage garden beds in the front yard are lush, colorful and loaded with ornamental and edible plants.  The plants are layered so the garden is always in bloom. The Asian garden rooms in my backyard are controlled which gives it a calming nature and provides a peaceful and meditative area.

I am not a master gardener nor am I a landscape designer.  I am simply a gardener with an artistic eye and green thumbs!  In addition to garden design, I have created flower arrangements for weddings and plant container arrangements for various business establishments.

Being a very competitive person, I wanted to see how my garden design skills  compared to others in this field.  So, instead of participating in local and county level shows, I leap frogged over them and entered the 20th Annual Southeastern Flower Show in 2007..  At my very first garden design exhibit show, I was awarded Third Place and Honorable Mention based on Design and Creativity.  With years of gardening under my belt, I plan on entering another regional or national level flower show to test my garden design skills again.


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